Isabella Writes

18 January 2015


When I hear
that killer whales masturbate
it makes me wonder

They must have
some killer moves
that make
for killer orgasms

I’m pretty sure
I don’t want
to be involved in that.


Science emphasizes procreation,
defining life through multiplication.
I guess what they’re saying
is: we all fuck
in some way or another.

Some fuck just once
Some fuck and die
Some fuck the livelong day

Some fuck for fun
Some fuck to kill
Some fuck in stacks of hay.

They say we live to procreate
they say we fuck to breed.


At present
science cannot conclusively say
what animals do
and do not
find pleasurable.

Tell that
to the lesbian elephants
mutually masturbating with their trunks
in the sunset.

Tell it
to the orangutan
fondling her treebark dildo.

Tell the auto­-fellating goat
we fuck to breed.


At the horse parade
one horse after the other
struts their horsey stuff
shaking their glossy manes.

The plump woman
rides the even plumper tinker horse.

Together they ride
round after round
to the sound of oohs and ahs.

When tinker turns the corner
his shockingly plump
erection emerges
to the sound of silenced surprise.

They say we fuck to breed.

Most of us don’t fuck all day
and many
never even fuck
at all.

Isabella Rozendaal, 2014

Isabella Rozendaal is a writer and an established photographer. Please check Isabella’s online portfolio here:


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18. January 2015 by Joao Bento
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