The Fauna & Flora Library has been created to help those who want to research the subjects of animals and plants in photography. If you want to consult any of the books in person you are welcome to email Fauna & Flora to arrange an appointment. The library is currently located in Newport in South Wales, United Kingdom.



Arnatt, Keith. I’m a Real Photographer. 2007

Beard, Peter. Eyelids of Morning. 1973

Cases, Ricardo. La caza del lobo congelado. 2009
Cases, Ricardo. Paloma al aire. 2011
Chalmers, Catherine. American Cockroach. 2008
Chalmers, Catherine. Food Chain. 2000
Chalmers, Catherine. We Rule. 2012
Chancellor, David. Hunters. 2012
Crouser, Michael. Dog Run. 2008
Culley, Peter. To the Dogs. 2008

Doubilet, David. Water Light Time. 1999
Dumas, Charlotte. Palermo 7. 2006
Dumas, Charlotte. The Widest Prairies. 2013

Effendi, Rena. Liquid Land. 2012
Engelhard, Sarah. Russian Spring. 2013
Engelhard, Sarah. Still Wild. 2009

Farnham, Paul. Beautiful Sheep. 2008
Feldmann, Hans-Peter. Das Kleine Movenbuch. 2004
Fréger, Charles. Wilder Mann. 2012

Gartmann, Peter. Walther Fliegen. 1993
Gill, Stephen. Coexistence. 2012 Stephen Gill kindly donated a copy of the book to the Fauna & Flora Library
Gill, Stephen. Pigeons. 2014 Stephen Gill kindly donated a copy of the book to the Fauna & Flora Library
Grant, Ken. The Birdhouse 2012

Holm, Simonne. Rana Temporaria. 2005

Ijken, Jan. Van Dierbaar… 2005

Jaschinski, Britta. Wild Things. 2003
Jaschinski, Britta. Zoo. 1996
Joseph, Marc. American Pitbull. 2003

Kisiel, Emma. More Dogs Than Bones. 2010
Knorr, Karen. Genii Loci. 2002
Knorr, Karen. Marks of Distinction. 1991

Landen, Clive. Familiar British Wildlife. 1993
Lange, Marten. Crows. 2008
Lindsay, Charles. Lost Balls. 2005.
Longhurst, Jo. The Refusal. 2008
Lopez, Anais. In the Beginning no Bird Sang. 2013

Madahar, Neeta. Nature Studies. 2005
Malakoff, Sarah. Second Nature. 2013 Sarah Malakoff kindly donated a copy of the book to the Fauna & Flora Library
Mazaccio & Drowilal. Wild Style. 2014 Mazaccio & Drowilal kindly donated a copy of the book to the Fauna & Flora Library
McCartney, Paula. Bird Watching. 2010
McCartney, Paula. Book of Trees. 2013
McPhee, Laura. River of No Return. 2008
Miyazaki, Manabu. Animal Trail. 1988
Miyazaki, Manabu. The Owl. 1990
Mollison, James. James & Other Apes. 2008
Mueller, Marianne. The Flock. 2005
Muybridge, Eadweard. Horses and Other Animals in Motion. 1985
Musselman, Annie Marie. Finding Trust. 2013
Mylayne, Jean-Luc. Les Oies Sauvages Riaient et Dieu S’Endormit Tôt. 2004

Naudé, Daniel. Animal Farm. 2012
Nelken, Dan. Till the Cows Come Home. 2008
Nichols, Michael. Brutal Kinship. 1999
Nieweg, Simone. Natur der Menschen. 2012

Olly & Suzi. Arctic Desert Ocean Jungle. 2003

Packer, Sue. Pets. 2003
Panar, Ed. Animals That Saw Me. 2011
Pasquier, Edith Marie. Wild Surfaces. 2013
Porter, Eliot. Birds of North America. 1972
Porter, Eliot. Vanishing Songbirds. 1996
Príncipe, André. O Perfume do Boi. 2012

Rimaldas, Viksraitis. Grimaces of the Weary Village. 2010
Ross, Elliot. Animal. 2010

Schena, Roberto. SP67 (PDF). 2012
Schrager, Victor. Bird Hand Book. 2001
Schwartz, Robin. Amelia & the Animals. 2014
Schwartz, Robin. Dog Watching. 1995
Schwartz, Robin. Like Us. 1993
Sear, Helen. Spot. 2003
Sear, Helen. Twice. 2001
Sewell, Andy. Something like a Nest. 2014 Andy Sewell kindly donated a copy of the book to the Fauna & Flora Library
Silverman, Ruth. The Dog Observed. 1988
Stein, Amy. Domesticated. 2008
Stidolph, Melanie. The Fall. 2012
Sykes, Homer. Hunting with Hounds. 2004

Usborne, Martin. My Name is Moose. 2011

Vinagre, Valter. Pets. 2013
Visser, Sipke. Doggies. 2013 Sipke Visser kindly donated a copy of the book to the Fauna & Flora Library
Vogt, Alexandra. Alexandra Vogt. 2011

Watkins, Carleton. In Yosemite. 2008
Webb, Rebecca Norris. My Dakota. 2012
Webb, Rebecca Norris. The Glass Between Us. 2006
Wegman, William. Dogs on Rocks. 2008
Wessels, Jacquie Maria. Cityscapes + Birdmen. 2010
Wessels, Mariken. Monument. 2011
Winogrand, Garry. The Animals. 2004
Woo, Cameron. Photobooth Dogs. 2010


Other Books:

Adams, Robert. Along Some Rivers. 2006
Aloi, Giovanni. Animals and Art. 2011

Baker, Steve. Artist | Animal. 2013
Berger, John. Why Look at Animals? 1977
Broglio, Ron. Thinking With Animals and Art. 2011
Brower, Matthew. Developing Animals. 2011
Bulgakov, Mikhail. A Dog’s Heart. 1925

Derr, Mark. Dog’s Best Friend. 2004
Derrida, Jacques. The Animal That Therefore I Am. 2008
Diski, Jenny. What I Don’t Know About Animals. 2010

Fudge, Erica. Pets. 2008

Garber, Marjorie. Dog Love. 1996
Garrard, Greg. Ecocriticism. 2004
Gary, Janice. Short Leash. 2013
Glotfelty, Cheryll and Fromm, Harold. The Ecocriticism Reader. 1996
Golding, Charles. Rats, The New Plague. 1990
Grant, P.J. Gulls. 1982
Greenberg, Joel. A feathered River Across the Sky. 2014 Bloomsbury Publishing kindly donated a review copy of the book to the Fauna & Flora Library

Harlow, William M. Trees. 1957
Hogan, Linda. Power. 1998

Łagodzka, Dorota. Ecce Animalia. 2014

Milgrom, Melissa. Still Life. 2010
Morris, Desmond. Cat World. 1996
Morris, Dismond. The Naked Ape. 1967

Roska-Hardy, Louise and Newman-Held, Eva. Learning from Animals. 2009

Shepherd, Allan and Galant, Suzanne. The Little Book of Slugs. 2002
Singer, Peter. Animal Liberation. 1990

Thomas, Elizabeth. The Hidden Life of Dogs. 1995
Thompson, Sally. Photographing Dogs. 1989

Welsman, Alan. The World Without Us. 2007
Wheye, Darryl and Kennedy, Donald. Humans, Nature, and Birds. 2008
Wilson, Edward O. and Holldobler, Bert. The Leafcutter Ants. 2011
Wolch, Jennifer and Emes, Jody. Animal Geographies. 1998