Mariken Wessels : A ‘Monument’ that has to be seen

02 January 2013


We are very happy to tell you that the booklet ‘Monument’, by Dutch artist Mariken Wessels, is now available in the Fauna & Flora Library. The booklet is a beautiful object, one of the nicest we have ever seen. We always handle it very carefully and we have shown it to just about everyone. But what is there to see, exactly? Well, inside a translucent sheet you will find an A3 folded cover containing three papers with text by Basje Boer, combining prose and poetry. Along with this are fourteen loose, A3 colour prints of flowering plants photographed close up. They are photographed outdoors (and maybe indoors?) using available light. The plants are photographed from different points of view – sometimes against the sky and looking heroic, sometimes pictured against a rock as background. The differences between the images are many. You see flowers that are about to blossom, flowers dying and others that are already dead. You can feel the seasons change… In addition, the images have been significantly manipulated, altered in experimental ways that change the original, material qualities of the plants. It looks like Mariken has carried out all sorts of experiments with filters and inks. These experiments give the images a decisive force that seduces the viewer, forcing us to engage with the flowers and think about them in different ways. While preparing this text, we laid the fourteen photos out on the floor and they form a fantastic garden! And, just as the seasons change, this garden will transform and fade away as the photos are put back into their soft cover and the translucent sheet. And then the garden blossoms once more when we uncover the pictures again to look at the beautiful ‘Monument’ that Mariken Wessels has created. Thank you Mariken.

All photos © Mariken Wessels

We invite you all to see Mariken Wessels’ project ‘Monument’. It is available to be consulted in our library:
You can see other works by Mariken on her personal website:


03. January 2013 by Joao Bento
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