Tatsuki Masaru : ‘Kuragari’

24 June 2013











All photos © Tatsuki Masaru

I photographed ‘Tohoku’ between 2009 and 2012.
At the same time I photographed ‘Kuragari’.
I stayed at a friend’s home.
He lives in Tohoku, in the Iwate prefecture, in Kamaishi.

One day after dinner,
He asked me,
“Have you ever seen a deer at night?”

After that we ran around the mountain by car.
But we couldn’t see them.
He said “time to call it a night and go home”.
Then suddenly,
We saw two deer watching us in the dark.
And they walked way, just like that.
I know that this darkness hasn’t changed since ancient times.

(Tatsuki Masaru, 2013)

You can also see ‘Tohoku’ on Tatsuki Masaru’s website: tatsukimasaru.com/tohoku/


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